Providing Quality Early Childhood
Education Since 1971

320 Notch Hill Rd. North Branford, CT 06471

On a typical day, there is a group project that may focus on art, science, math or writing. These activities provide a variety of opportunities for self expression, cognitive growth, exploration and fine motor development. Circle time is a place to sing, dance, express ideas and share feelings in a class group. Reading readiness develops as the children listen to stories, use language to describe what they are experiencing and use finger plays to hear the richness of language in rhythm and rhyme. Free choice activities provide a relaxed time when the children learn by playing with something they have chosen. Our spacious classrooms are stocked with a wealth of toys and materials for free art, blocks, sand & water tables, dolls, dramatic play, educational puzzles & games, trucks and trains. Our indoor gross motor area and large outdoor playground provide a place to move our bodies, exercise and strengthen our gross motor skills.

The staff at NONH is dedicated to communicating with children in a clear, direct and positive manner, minimizing the opportunities for unsafe behavior to ensure an atmosphere of cooperation and productivity

We have small classes and keep a favorable 1:6 teacher to child ratio. We have field trips throughout year as well as classroom visitors and family events.

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